Time for your Book!  
  Victorya Michaels Rogers - Your Writing Coach  
      • Is there a book inside you ready to be birthed?

      • Do you have a screenplay you are dying to see on the big screen?

      • Are you a speaker who needs to take your career to the next level?

      • Have you dabbled in writing but never tried to get published yet?

      • Do you dream of being published but don’t have the relationships or know-how?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need Writing Coach Victorya Rogers. It’s TIME to Write Your Book! Let Victorya Hold Your Hand as you make your dream a reality!

Isn’t it TIME FOR YOUR BOOK? Have you dreamed about finishing that manuscript for far too long now and are ready to jump in and commit to completing it AND seeing it published and succeed? Now you can have Author Victorya Rogers as your very own writing coach. Coaching with Victorya can help you achieve your writing career goals by helping you identify and more clearly understand where you want to go as she shows you specifically how to get there.  Victorya offers individual and ongoing sessions, by phone or email, to help you focus in on and actively move toward attainable publishing goals—from concept to query to rough draft to finished manuscript to publishing contract to marketing your soon-to-be best seller!


Victorya offers coaching in the following areas:

    • All the steps to getting published including negotiating secrets
    • Line-by-line notes on your book
    • Screenplay critique
    • Manuscript critique
    • How to market your writing business and get famous today
    • Platform and branding
    • TV/Radio and media appearances
    • Internet exposure including MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,
    • Tangle & more
    • Author’s Website design
    • Speakers training
    • And overall media career guidance.



Victorya offers three kinds of coaching:

Telephone coaching

    • 1 hour sessions
    • 30 minute sessions
    • 10 minute mini-sessions


Email coaching

    • Direct correspondence with Victorya via your personal email address
    • You can ask up to 3 questions per email session.

In-person coaching

    • Is face-to-face
    • Available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
    • Available in other locations based on Victorya’s travel schedule
    • In Person coaching is minimum 1 hour session



  • 1 Hour Coaching Sessions  - $99.99
  • 30 Minute Coaching Sessions - $75.00
  • 10 Minute Mini-sessions - $24.99


Coaching with Victorya Michaels Rogers is a two-way dialogue, between you and Victorya the Life Coach, Media Expert and former Hollywood Agent.

It’s TIME to Write Your Book! Let Victorya Hold Your Hand!
Want someone to hold your hand while you write your next best seller? Victorya will coach you through the entire process of writing, publishing and promoting, be it your first or 10th book. Hiring Victorya as your Writer’s Coach may be the key to YOU reaching those publishing dreams.

Length of time needed to review your material is dependent on how much work you want Victorya to do 1) Either have Victorya read your project and offer line-by-line COMMENTS as they occur –OR—2) Have Victorya read your project and do line-by-line EDITING (which includes partial rewrite to improves sentence structure as needed). Editing takes longer and can't be judged ahead of time other than working on it for a set period of time and seeing how much work is needed on the draft at hand and taking it from there. Victorya logs in time at 10 minute increments. Time must be purchased by the hour however and she will keep tab on any unused minutes for you to use in your next coaching or editing session.


For books 75 - 250 pages in length. Discount includes complete manuscript reading and line-by-line critique, plus 1 hour coaching session to hear Victorya’s feedback. You are encouraged to audio record the session if you so choose.


1-74 pages in length Discount includes review of your pages and detailed feedback delivered during 1 hour coaching session with Victorya.


For screenplays 90-120 pages. Discount includes complete screenplay reading and line-by-line critique, plus 1 hour coaching session to hear Victorya’s feedback. You are encouraged to audio record the session if you so choose.


Victorya offers an in depth ongoing discount coaching package for individual writers who are ready to not just begin their book but FINISH their book now! The Time For Your Book package includes one (1) hour coaching with Victorya per month (which can be used as one hour long in-person session or you can split it up into two 30 minute phone sessions or six 10-minute phone mini sessions). Plus you will also be permitted up to 5 email communications during the month and Victorya will review up to 25 pages of your work-in-progress per month. This is a month-to-month package. You choose how long you want to continue. Victorya will help you plan out your writing goals and set a schedule to bring it to fruition. You will be emailed the book proposal format plus your “to-do list” of what needs to be prepared prior to your first coaching session. Then each month Victorya walks you through the process of writing your book, chapter by chapter, until you have a finished publisher ready manuscript. (If you have already finished a complete draft of your book (75-250 pages), you will want to begin with a Book Review session listed above).


MONTHLY WRITERS GROUP Package $100/month
The Writer’s Group Are you ready to write your book??? If so, join one of Victorya’s ongoing in-person writer’s group that takes place in the Dallas area. Each month Victorya meets with upcoming authors and walks them through the process of writing their book, chapter-by-chapter until you have a finished manuscript ready for an agent or publisher and then you jump into marketing that book. Writers groups include up to 4 writers per group and monthly meeting last about 2 hours for each writer to go over the detailed progress of their book (up to 25 pages per month can be reviewed by Victorya prior to your monthly group meeting PLUS up to 8 pages can be read out loud to the group in the meeting). The Writer’s Group takes place near D/FW airport, so those flying in for their coaching sessions will want to come into DFW airport. Please let Victorya know if you need guidance on best places to stay during your stay. Each writer will be emailed the book proposal format you need to fill out as well as other to-do items to be completed prior to your first meeting. Then each following meeting you will go over your latest chapter. Groups last as long as you want—from concept to publishing to marketing your book.



FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions about Coaching

1.     What is a Writers Coach?
2.     Is coaching the same as therapy?
3.     What are the limitations of coaching?
4.     What coaching programs do you offer?
5.     How do I pay for my coaching?
6.     How do I prepare for my coaching session?
7.     What if I don't like what you have to say, can I get a refund?

1. What is a Writers Coach?

A writers coach guides you through your overall writing career from your first query letter to your first magazine article to your 20th book tour. Coaching with Victorya Rogers is two-way dialogue, between the two of you by telephone, email, or in-person. You can coach with her one time or sign up for one of her multiple coaching programs. You can also hire her to review your book or edit your manuscript. Aside from a 4 time author, Victorya was an agent for over a decade and is a marketing expert who can teach you how to build your “platform” to stand out to publishers. If you want to create a writing empire, Victorya is the coach for you..

2. Is coaching the same as therapy?

No, Victorya’s coaching program is not the same as therapy or counseling. Coaching is designed to give shorter bursts of information, insider writer industry secrets, and overall perspective to the caller to help make your writing dreams a reality. Coaching with Victorya is a quick reference to and expansion of Victorya’s expertise after 16 years in the entertainment industry including 11 years as a talent agent as well as her expertise in publishing and marketing having been published by major publishers and appeared on national television, radio and print. Victorya does not offer treatment planning or diagnosis offered by traditional counselors. If you feel that professional counseling is needed, please also pursue that.

3. What are the limitations of life coaching?

Victorya’s coaching is designed to help you get a clear picture of your goals and ambitions and put you on a path to achieve them, including details on how to break into the entertainment industry, publishing industry and/or other career aspirations. She’ll help you identify what you need to expand,change, improve or begin doing altogether in your writing. You will gain confidence and self-esteem which enables you go for your dreams.

4. What are the coaching programs you offer and what are the costs?


  • 1 Hour Coaching Sessions  - $99.99
  • 30 Minute Coaching Sessions - $75.00
  • 10 Minute Mini-sessions - $24.99

5. How do I pay for my coaching?

  1. Via MC or Visa over the phone by calling my office at (214) 257-8716
  2. Online by through Google or PayPal by CLICKING HERE
  3. You can remit a check by mail to:
    Victorya Rogers Company
    P.O. Box 92522
    Southlake, TX 76092

6. How do I prepare for my coaching session?

You will feel more satisfied with your coaching session if you spend a few minutes thinking about what you really want to accomplish from each coaching session.  What burning questions do you want answered? Is there a current crisis in your Hollywood Career life or are you looking for overall insight? Spend some time considering your reasons for calling and for best results, jot down your questions so you can be sure you won’t forget to ask.

7.  What if I don't like what you have to say, can I get a refund?

If you are not fully satisfied with Victorya’s style, you can consider the first 5 minutes of your first coaching session as a grace period. If you are not happy with how it is going, let Victorya know you would like to stop the session and your money for that session can be refunded (except for the fees covering any material you have already received).

There is no long term commitment with Victorya’s coaching program either. You pay as you go on the individual sessions and pay the one-time fee on the package offers. Victorya makes every attempt to provide you with all the information requested in the shortest time possible. You are always free to record you phone conversations with Victorya for you to listen to over and over.


DISCLAIMER (Please read)
Coaching with Victorya Rogers is an online service brought to you by Victorya Rogers Company. No consultant, coach, agent, manager or publicist can guarantee you success or fame in publishing, Hollywood or any other form of media. It is one of the most competitive industries in the world—involving talent, relationships, persistence, breaks and chance. What can be guaranteed is guidance and insider information. Questions and dialogues may be published without the use of real names. This service is designed for entertainment purposes only. In no way is it intended to be a means of psychological or medical diagnosis or treatment, nor should it be a substitute for regular or specialized psychological/medical care. No one can diagnose or treat a psychological/medical problem online, and no diagnosis or treatment is being provided by Victorya Rogers herein. Please consult a licensed health professional in your geographic area as needed. Victorya Rogers is a life coach. Her advice encompasses all areas of your life. Her specialized expertise includes careers in the entertainment industry, careers in the publishing world, relationships and theology. She is not a medical doctor, she does not prescribe drugs, she is not a clinical psychologist, sociologist or anthropologist. By submitting your credit card information, you are representing that you own that credit card or have the authority to use it.


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